Three Swallow Crest

The formation of three swallows within a circle, shown above, was created to fulfill a request for the design of a family crest for Lord Akzasosan Suli, a fictional character in Michael Ayres’ novel, Dustless. The symbolism and composition are highly derivative of the traditional aesthetics of Japanese ‘kamon‘, or family crests, and are intended to lend the text a visual reference in setting a feudal-like tone to the narrative. The swallow motif was chosen for its historical association with travelers and wayfarers.


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Project details

Working from original, real-life sketches and photographic resources, the final design for this fictional family crest was digitally restyled and manipulated to create an ideal blend of triangular and circular symmetry. Initial drawings included asymmetrical versions with the birds in varying positions and within the circle, although the final choice, seen here, was selected for its balance and the implied notion of continuity and the infinite – both strong subtexts in the narrative.

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