RIKEN Research redesign

This comprehensive redesign of RIKEN’s print publication meant that every aspect of the magazine was revamped, from the bespoke logo design to the inside back-page advertising. A fundamental consideration during the redesign process was the shift from monthly to quarterly format, resulting in a threefold increase in content. This, combined with the reduction in page dimensions, resulted in a higher page count. The introduction of new sections to the content and more flexibility on word counts, as well as new graphic content, was accommodated by creating more versatile templates.

RIKEN is Japan’s largest comprehensive research institution hosting a diverse range of scientific disciplines. Founded in 1917 as a private research foundation in Tokyo, and and has grown to includes a network of research centres and institutes across Japan.

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Project details

RIKEN Research commissioned a complete redesign of their publication in early 2014. With such an extensive revamp it was necessary to submit several versions of the redesign and, with indispensable input from the client, the design was finalized well within the time frame allocated. The slide sequence shows a selection of content, including the final two options for cover layout, new contents pages, feature highlights, run-on highlights and informative advertising for RIKEN's nationwide research facilities. The final slide shows the new logo which was created using a combination of hand-drawn sketches and font-development softwares.

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