Lotus Mason

The London-based indie-rock group Lotus Mason, released their eponymous debut album in August 2010, receiving avid support from numerous online music sites, with favourable reviews often making comparisons to David Bowie, Scott Walker and Grant Lee Phillips.

The design brief for the cover art of Lotus Mason’s debut album and single was concise and to the point. It was requested the design be either vibrant, kaleidoscopic, or both. Considering this left the subject matter wide open, there was room to experiment with the kaleidoscope theme, and inspiration was taken from ancient Tibetan mandalas. Artwork for the single took the other path and vivid colour combinations were the principle element. The title script was also custom designed to accompany the initial plant-like motif of the album cover.

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Project details

The initial design for the album cover is a reworking of several photographs featuring plant life as the central constituent. It was agreed to maintain some level of continuity between pieces and illustrations, and abstractions on the theme were taken into consideration. Digital and traditional media were used in the creative process of both the imagery and the hand-scripted title.

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