Kinetic, by Michael Ayres, was published by Shearsman Books in 2007. His third volume of poems, it contains lyric poetry exploring a contemporary global society in a state of increasing flux. Ostensibly love poems, the lyrics embody a “kinetic” existence, where transience becomes a form of drug, and where location, identity and values are always in motion, allowing no rest; this condition extends to the world itself, rendering the human past, present and future increasingly uncertain.

This project required a level of familiarity with the content and the cover image is a depiction of a nameless city at night from high altitude, and it attempts to capture several discordant themes within the text, with scale, tone and composition.

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Project details

Once the dimensions of the cover were agreed on, several initial renderings were made by hand to establish perspective and scale. The digital version was then created using these preliminary sketches as a template. Several custom brushes were created and layered for intensity, similar to traditional media techniques.

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