Glowb Recordings

While the primary design concept was to echo the wordplay in the Glowb brand name, it was also necessary to convey the company’s link to the sound-recording industry. With this in mind the ‘glowb’ element is a visual reference to vintage RCA ‘pill’ microphones.

Glowb Recordings is a production studio focused on ‘sound design’ for music, film and documentary makers. Nominated for several awards in the broadcasting industry, this London-based studio has more than 100 titles in its credit list.

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Project details

The globe element was created using simplified versions of satellite imagery of the earth at night and applying basic filtering and mapping techniques. The icon-over-title composition required a typeface that was bold, chunky and well-rounded to give the composition a solid foundation, while reflecting the wordplay of the brand's name. This bold typeface design was essential when working on a black-background, as the source of the glow-effect needed a strong overall presence .

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