Hello, and welcome to AventDesign.com.

With more than fifteen years experience in graphic design, publishing and illustration, and a keen interest in the visual arts, I’m happy to discuss your design needs, anytime.

Although I typically use a wide range of graphics applications along with various 3D softwares to develop concepts for clients, I’m equally comfortable with an old-school brush. My work is predominantly seen in print and web publishing and although my background is in the former, I am constantly expanding my skills in the latter, and am currently studying UI/UX, among other design theories.

Aside from technical expertise, I believe a graphic designer’s key skill needs to be communication … research suggests that 93% of human communication is non-verbal, and that image-based input is interpreted collectively, unlike the linear restrictions of text. Graphic design plays an ubiquitous role in modern communication and I love being part of that.

Please feel free to check out my professional work and further, uncommissioned content on my blog, or drop me a line.      ~Tom Wilson